Sunday, June 17, 2012

What Makes a Man a Man

     I was visiting with a lady from our ward the other week, we were over at her house for dinner and we were talking about the good ol' days. Even though she is much more chronologically advanced than I am, we both still knew what the good days were. It came to a point in the conversation where we started talking about heroes from the past. She then said: "We need those kinds of heroes today, we need heroes like John Wayne."
    John Wayne was the man. He is an iconic American actor, who played primarily in western films. He was the ladies man, the lawman, the straight shooter who always got the bad guy. He was the man who could do anything, and the guy you wanted on your team. What made him great was his morals, his code, and his grit. The things that make a man a man. He walked the line, and stood up for what he believed in, and he stood up to in the face of danger, no matter what. He treated women with respect, and never quit at anything. Truly, these characteristics are what made John Wayne an icon. Someone to look up too. When I think of people like John Wayne, I think of my Dad and my Grandpa.
    I couldn't give you an example of anyone more heroic that these two. My whole life I've lived and made mistakes, I always ask myself, "what would Dad do? What would Grandpa do?" I've never seen anything get the two guys down, ever, and I've reached a point in my life where I don't even think it's possible.
   My Dad and my Grandpa taught me so much. I could make a list a mile long and still not be done. They are both simple men, who love their wives, work hard everyday to provide for their families, are right with God, and are as real and straight shootin' as you can get. True heroes. I know if I can only be half as good as they are, I'll be alright.
   As I go on through my life, I thank God for my Dad and Grandpa. They helped make me who I am. I realize that more and more each day. And when life gets tough, I may stumble and fall but I'll never quit, because they never taught me how. . .
   Thanks Dad and Grandpa.

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